Antelope Valley Fair- PGMC Booth - 2018

The 80th Antelope Valley Fair and Alfalfa Festavle is officially over.  The Palmdale Gem and Mineral Club Booth was a big success in the Foyer of the Van Dam Pavilion (Home Arts Building)  We had available Lapidary Arts made by members on display and Demonstration involving the some of Lapidary Arts each day from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM PDT.  Knowledgeable PGMC Members were available to answer questions about the Palmdale Gem and Mineral Club and the Lapidary Arts.  We welcomed your questions and had available membership information.  For more information please use the "Contact Us" page.
The Antique Rock Drill Press was in action, 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM Daily.  Other Lapidary Arts will be demonstrated. Beading, Cabochon, Lap Polishing and others.  The booth had Labidary Arts made by Club Members for sale to support our Scholarship Program.
Rockhound Rich at the Genie
The Genie is used to shape and polish Cabochons and other pieces of Lapidary Art.
Pebble Pup Maddie and Rockhoundette Susy step back in time to drill holes in Cabochones
A 1930 era Drill Press used to drill holes in Cabochons for jewelry uses leather belts to drive the rotation of the diamond bit and to move the bit up and down.
Knapper Mike teaches and demonstraes American Indain technique of making Arrowheads and spear points
Using only hand tools Knappers make Arrowheads, Spear Points and Knife blades from Obsidian and Jasper using the same techniques as Early Man.

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